Computer Science Education Week

It’s Computer Science Education week, Dec 5-11!  I thought I’d share a few of the resources I’ve found helpful in my own data science journey.  All offer free or low cost options for you to pursue your own interests.

Data Science Education resources:

Udacity:  I’ve been a Udacity user since the early pilot days.  Their content has grown significantly over time, and they continue to experiment with innovative ways of packaging learning.  You can get free access to the course materials, or enroll in various guided learning experiences.  There are a few great ones that will get you started with python programming, and cover essentials such as GitHub.  You can also get access to course materials for Georgia Tech’s online masters program – more on this below.

Coursera: Another major MOOC platform, which has lots of course content, both technical and non-technical available.  If you’re interested in data science, Andrew Ng’s classic machine learning course is a must-do.  It uses Matlab/Octave for the programming assignments, which is a little non-standard, but Octave is free and it gives you some great insights into how machine learning algorithms work.

iTunes U: With apologies to Android users, iTunes U hosts a wide variety of lecture content, so you can find something on whatever topic you’re seeking.  I’ve used it to supplement many other courses.  Sometimes when you’re having trouble understanding a topic, you just need to hear it from a different angle.  I most often have accessed lectures published by MIT’s OCW (Open CourseWare) initiative, and you can get everything directly from their website as well.

Georgia Tech OMSCS: Ready to take the plunge for an accredited CS masters?  I’m currently studying with Georgia Tech, specializing in Machine Learning and Computational Perception.  This is a fully accredited masters program with a competitive application process and a great deal of academic rigor – it’s one of the top 10 CS schools!  This program has been a fantastic experience so far, and uses the Udacity platform to deliver lectures.  They’ve even taught artificial intelligence, using an AI bot!

There’s never been a better time to learn about data science – start or continue your journey today!